The news of the girl's father is more serious to him than the girl

The news of the girl's father is more serious to him than the girl

The news of the girl's father is more serious to him than the girl

After this, Shambunathbabu's behavior is also completely cold. That modesty is not a lot. Rabindranath Tagore, speechless, clothed in the waist, broken throat, bald, mixed-black Rabindranath Tagore was born on 7th May 1861 (25th Baisakh 1268) in Jorasankor Tagore of Calcutta. His father Devendranath Tagore, Mother Sarada Devi. Rabindranath Tha is the first successful short story writer of Bengali literature and the best artist of Bengali short story. 

Surendranath Bandopadhyay and many others along with Indian Association and India League Established

The Adopting next year's program for political progress

The English set up a trading post at Surat

The Fort William Doug is located in Kolkata

The short story originated, developed and flourished

His short stories are at par with the best short stories in world literature. From his debut as a short story writer by writing the story "Bhikharini" in 12 Bengal at the age of sixty-four years until almost the last day of his life, he has composed 95 short stories compiled into an integral 'Galpguchche'. Apart from this, more of his stories were collected in books 'Se', 'Galpsalp' and 'Lipika' and the last story written by Rabindranath Tagore is called “The Story of Muslimani”. Rabindranath's short story 'Sena Tari' was written while he was living in Shilaidah, Kushtia, on the basis of family zamindari supervision. He wrote the best poems of poetry at the same time. Placing life in nature's lyrical universal expression of life is the best asset of Rabindragalpa. However, in the stories written in the 20th century, reality prevailed over nature and poetry. As a storyteller, he is distinguished as a novelist, and his place in Bengali literature is definite. Among the novels written by him, Ekshin Bali', Gera', 'Chaturanga', 'Ghare-Bayre', 'Sherer Kavit Yogayog' are the best resources of Bengali novels. Rabindranath's excellence in drama writing is also undisputed. His most notable plays are: 'Raja', 'Achalayatan', 'Dakghar', 'Muktdhara', 'Raktkaravi'. Rabindranath Tagore passed away on 7th August 1941 (Shravan 22 A.D. 1348) at Jorasanko's Thakurbari. Today I am only twenty seven years old. This life is not great in length, No as a quality. Still it has a little b value. It is like the flower on whose breast the bud is sitting, and at that moment. 

The Resurrection of the Himalayas and Mudarians

The caliphs of Rashedin in Khulafa are Ganatani

The features of the Umayyad Empire

History has picked up like a fruit in the middle of his life

The news of the girl's father is more serious to him than the girl

That history is small in size, I will write it in short form. Those who make the mistake of saying little to children will understand its meaning. I missed all the exams in college. As a child, Panditmasha got an opportunity to mock me by comparing my beautiful appearance with a saffron flower and a ripe fruit. I was very ashamed of this; But as I get older, I think that if there is a rebirth, then the mockery in the face of my mush surup and scholars will appear like that again. . My father was once poor. He has earned a lot of money through advocacy. Let's share Not even a moment of time. The breath he exhaled in death was his first respite. I was young then. I am a man in the hands of my mother. Mother is a poor girl. So, we are rich at a. He doesn't think, he doesn't forget me. In the winter, I'm not fully matured, because I'm in my arms. Even today, if you see me, you will think that I am the younger brother of Gajanan in Annapurna's lap. Nanush gives Harapuri age. Mother speed did not happen. Even today, I was seen holding the rich uncle in my arms, he blessed my daughter with this earring. Mama's face turned red. Darid will want to cheat him but he will not cheat this pleasure-seeker n. Bankit was bent and some additional debt was added on top of it. With a heavy face, he said, "On. Go, you go to the meeting and bessa ge." Shanathbabu said, "No, now we don't have to sit in the meeting. Let's feed you first." uncle said “What is he talking about? Lagna... Shwanathbabu said, "Don't think about it - get up now." The person is mostly a good human type, but it is understood that there is quite a bit of strength inside. wake up uncle happened The bridegroom was also fed up. 

                 There was no pomp in the event

 But cooking is good and all. It was clean and everyone was satisfied. When the grooms finished eating, Shambhunath Babu asked me to eat. Uncle said, "What is he talking about?" in marriage How will the bridegroom eat before." Ignoring any of my uncle's comments about this, he looked at me and said, “You say. Is there anything wrong with sitting down?” I am eating. I couldn't Then Shambhunath Babu said to his uncle, "I have caused you a lot of trouble. We are not rich, we could not organize your yoga, sorry. it's night And I do not want to increase your suffering. But now." Uncle said, "So, let's go to the meeting, we are ready for it." Shambhunath said, "But let me tell you the car?" My uncle was surprised and said, "Are you joking?" Shambanath said, "You are the one who made the joke. I don't want to perpetuate the joking relationship." Mama's eyes widened and looked surprised. Shambanath said, "I cannot give my daughter to those who think that I will steal my daughter's jewels." He did not even bother to say a word to me

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The Enemies surrounded the former and moved immediately

The Enemies surrounded the former and moved immediately

The Enemies surrounded the former and moved immediately

He walked in two steps with a different mind; . After going some distance, Hesen drank the air two or three times and fell down to the ground. He became impatient with the burning of poisoned arrow wounds, the burning of thirst, green fever, and other sorrows. Zeyad and Omar etc. thought that Hassan had died. A few moments later, after seeing the movement of hands, he surely did not think of Hassan's death. Knowing that death was near, he stood steadily at a distance. Hussain is alive. No strength to get up. He only knows what other minds were overwhelmed with thoughts. Seeing Seemar with a dagger in his chest, he started saying, "You are a creature created by God - you sit on my chest?" “Limit! I will die now! I am unsettled by the poisoned arrow. Get off your chest and let me breathe. delay a little Why bother me for a little delay? Cut off my head when my life is gone. Take a breath! Today must be my death. for a while h0 piece * wait.” Seemar said with a loud voice, “I am sitting on his chest, I will not get up without cutting off his head. If there is anything else, say it. I will not sit a little off the chest." Hasen said, "Limit! If so, cut off the head soon! What do you gain by suffering me in vain? Do the work of a friend.” 24. . “I'm trying my best. What else will I do if not cut by the dagger.” Hasen said, “Limits. See your chest open?" "Why?" "There's a reason. I can tell if you're my kateel (hand) by looking at your bosom." "What does it mean? "There is meaning. If there is no money, why should I request you in vain? 

The heart of the city is with them but its words against

The reason for the imposition of military rule

Top popular Raemans entered the Islamic State

Even though the body is made of blood and flesh

The chest is bare, you will surely die. Maternal. Inviolable. Take off her clothes. - I see, If it is not, then you are trying in vain. Why? He exposed Seemar's body and showed it to Hasen. He also saw it. Hesen looked at Seemar's chest and covered his eyes with both hands. Hesen was very irritated by the friction of the dagger again and again. He started to say to Seemar again, " One more thing occurred to me. I understand that the dagger has returned, your efforts are in vain, Seemar! A lot of affection during maternal grandfather's life. He kissed my neck. "No, that will never happen." Nothing like that will work. Look, I'm having a hard time breathing. If you finish your work as soon as possible, you will also benefit, and I will also avoid suffering. You put that arrow-pointed dagger, you will see the results immediately.” "What will I gain if I listen to you?" "There will be a lot of profit! I make a solemn promise, I will definitely set you free in the Hereafter. Again, in the name of God, I make a solemn promise, if I cannot take you to heaven, I will not set foot at the door of heaven. What do you want more than this, brother?" Haasin's chest changed and Seemar sat on his back. Imam's two hands fell on both sides. - It took to show, "Let the world see, I walked in what condition! The son of Noorabi Muhammad, the son of Mahavir Ali of Madinah * - Let the world see how I leave this world with the sword of Simar empty-handed! Heaven, underworld, space, forest, ocean, mountain, wind, and it seemed to come from all four directions. Laugh! Hey Haasen!!” Author profile. 13th November 1847 AD at Lahinipara in Kushtia District for Mir Musharraf Hossain. Only his father. Ma'ajjem Hussain was the owner of a lot of wealth. Although Mir did not advance far in formal education. Musharraf Hussain spent most of his life working in Faridpur Nawab Estate and Delduar Estate. do After that he stayed for many days in Calcutta and later Padmadi. In the student life, the news shines His essays were published in newspapers. As the originator of the syncretic style of modern Bengali literature written by Muslims. He is famous. Among his notable works are plays. Vasantakumari', 'Zamidar Darpan'', 'Er Awaya Ki Gadya': 'Bishad-Sindhu', 'Niti Ki Avnati', 'Udasin Pathiker Maner Katha', 'Gazi Mier Bastani', 'Fas Kagoshi' etc. 'Vishad-Sindhu' is his wonderful creation based on the sad historical story of Maharram. This epic novel written by him is a unique asset of Bengali literature. Mir Musharraf Hussain died on 19 December 1911 AD. Ajid's soldiers were startled by hearing the footsteps of Mam Hassan's horse. Everyone's heart was broken. Everyone started to see that Hassan himself was coming to the battlefield. 

Character and Achievement As a determined and just ruler

Mention Not When Sultan Muhammad bin Fateh II captured Cantinepal

The Spread of Mass Upsurging Spread of Mass Upsurging

                    In the blink of an eye

The Enemies surrounded the former and moved immediately

where are you you Why did you send innocent soldiers to the battlefield while staying in Damascus? If you find him today, you will feel pain The bereavement of grandson Kasem and the bereavement of his own sons, All are cold in their sin today I used to graze. Oh money-seeking ghouls, you have taken up arms against me by abandoning the fear of religion! And why the delay? Abdur Rahman, the greatest stubborn warrior; He is determined to fight with Hassan. I understand your words; If you are fit to bear my blows, I will strike back; Or go back like you, weak, weak, Bill will find the warrior and send him to the battlefield to fight with you. He is six times older than me, Barojo's friend. But for the sand. Like he has absorbed our entire family into his heart. He is not here. Not even a grain of juice. Because of this, I don't have to think about anything. If you are independent, remember this auspicious moment.' My relationship came from a very big house. But Mama, who is the chief agent of my destiny on earth, He had a particular opinion about marriage. Rich's daughter is not his choice. The girl in our house. Which will continue to be exploited. But when you come home, if you give tobacco in a tied hook instead of gurguri, the complaint will not go away.


             My friend Harish works in Kanpur 

He came to Calcutta on vacation and blew my mind.  As far as the eye can see, the holiday is smoking; No exam, no candidacy, no job; There is no thought, no education, no desire to see one's own affairs - even in being inside. Mother is there and uncle is outside. Amidst this desert of respite My heart then saw the worldly mirage Of woman's form—Her gaze in the sky, Her breath in the air, Tarummarre his secret. | At that time Harish came and said, "If the girl says, then-". My body and mind began to tremble in the spring wind like the new moon in the forest. 

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A melody is rising in the independent world with a free voice rather than a sweet sou

A melody is rising in the independent world with a free voice rather than a sweet sou

A melody is rising in the independent world with a free voice rather than a sweet sou

Victory is the victory of the oppressed people. Win New Campaign. Joy is the new rise. Joy Swadhin Bangla.34 During our war of liberation Bangladesh was divided into 11 sectors. Evaluating the activities of Swadhin Bangla Betar Kendra, many have termed it as the 12th Sector of the Liberation War. Newspapers: From the beginning of the War of Liberation in 1971, Pakistani forces detained many foreign journalists stationed in Bangladesh. The more Pakistani forces attack foreign journalists, the more foreigners. The news of our liberation war continues to be spread in the media. From March, foreign newspapers started publishing pictures and news of the brutality of the Pakistani forces. Especially the newspapers published from London on Bengalis. Awaken the world public opinion about the brutal oppression, torture, resistance, the struggle of the Bengalis, the plight of 10 million refugees who took refuge in India, the genocide of the Pakistani forces and the progress of the war of liberation. BBC journalist Mark Tully worked tirelessly during the liberation war to spread the news of genocide and battlefield to the world. Delivered to. Simon Dring, a 26-year-old journalist with The Daily Telegraph in London, risked his life to travel around the city of Dhaka and arranged for 20 rails to be photographed and sent to London through the German embassy. After that he left Dhaka and reached London and published those pictures in different newspapers. As a result, people all over the world can know about the brutal torture and genocide of Pakistani forces in Dhaka. A representative of London Television broadcast images of the battle of the freedom fighters on the battlefield all over the world. Despite the ban imposed by the government of Pakistan, during the entire period of the Liberation War, foreign media personnel covered the war in various newspapers and helped Bangladesh in every possible way. In May, journalist Anthony Mascarenhas collected news of genocide across Bangladesh and published it in various newspapers. Protests against the genocide in Bangladesh started all over the world as soon as his news was spread. Newspapers which carried out diplomatic activities in favor of independence during the war of liberation. Daily Joy Bangla edited by Rahmatullah is one of them. Apart from this magazine, 'Bangladesh', Weekly Bangabani, 'Swadesh', 'Swadhin Bangla', 'Bananchal', 'Sainar Bangla', 'Janmabhoomi', 'Dabanal' etc. have played special role. The Role of Super Power in the Liberation War of Bangladesh The global political arena was quite heated during the liberation war of Bangladesh There was a Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union. As a result, the superpowers were also divided on the issue of liberation war of Bangladesh. Among the superpowers are the United States, China for Pakistan, and India and the Soviet Union for Bangladesh. Supports. The role of the great powers in the liberation war of Bangladesh is discussed below

Arab Administrator Treasurer and Minister of Defense of the Umayyad Caliphate

Administrative System of Muawiyah

The role of the United States (The Rolpar)

In the liberation war of Bangladesh

The role of the United States in overcoming the role of the USA is satisfying. Henry Kissinger, who wrote the sonnet at the time, opposed the liberation war in Bangladesh and acted as a force to be reckoned with.

Foreign Minister Henry Kissinger's Bengali was satisfactory

Did. Of the United Nations

2. Avoid criticism

People are very disappointed.

At the outset of the blindness, the United States mainly referred to the issue of the lower three legs as an internal matter of Pakistan and remained strategically neutral.

Continuing to assist Pakistan in the name of relief and rehabilitation to avoid deportation. Ensuring military assistance to Pakistan in various ways, even if public supply is suspended. As time went on, the US opposition to the liberation war of Bangladesh became so clear. An information can be mentioned in Allerke. For example, "Asahi Simon" magazine published from Japan is one. The editorial says the United States is the first step in easing tensions in the Indian subcontinent. Of course, Pakistan must immediately stop receiving all military aid. The reason for the explanation of the magazine. He says US military aid strengthens the West Bank military junta. And it is helping them to continue their barbaric activities in Bangladesh. The US administration ordered the deployment of a task force of seven ships, the Seventh Fleet, to the Bay of Bengal, led by the Airborne Nuclear Ship Enterprise, when the Pak army was shot down by a joint Bangladesh-India joint operation. The Seventh Fleet took up position in the Bay of Bengal for some time and observed the situation of the Liberation War and returned to its position.

The purpose of such behavior by the United States is to intimidate the Indo-Soviet alliance fighting for Bangladesh. And to establish itself as an appropriate ally for Pakistan. Meanwhile, when the US government was working against Bangladesh, the US civil administration. Especially intellectuals, artists, journalists have stood by the oppressed people of Bangladesh. The civilian administration did not hesitate to criticize the government's policy in the war. Thus the mixed reaction of the US military and civilian administration was seen in the liberation war of Bangladesh. The role of the United Nations (The Role of the United Nations) In 1971, the important issues of the United Nations were the liberation war of Bangladesh and China's accession to the United Nations. However, the most talked about issue was the liberation struggle of Bangladesh. The UN failed to play its role in stopping genocide and liberation war in Bangladesh. Most countries, including the United States and China, have called the war of liberation an internal matter of Pakistan and advised the United Nations not to interfere in the matter. But when a war broke out between the Allied forces and the Pak army in 1971, they came forward with a proposal for a ceasefire. In the war of liberation.

He proposed to send Pakistan's military press release on the genocide and torture in Bangladesh. 2 Secretary General from East Bengal

"If Soviet Russia does not come forward with its veto power, Bangladesh's liberation war will be defeated. And Bangladesh will be another Vietnam."

Upon receiving the news of Sher's genocide and torture, UN Secretary General Uthan was arrested on April 2, 1971. Shar wrote a letter to General Yahya Khan, the military president. He is for the affected people of Bengal. Offered to abduct. Yahya Khan rejected the Secretary General's relief offer. Prince of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) was in charge of the relief of the refugees who came to India from East Bengal on 19 May 1971.

Surendranath Bandopadhyay and many others along with Indian Association and India League Established

Most of conquest of Spain by the Arabs was a very significant event

The machine was hapa

A melody is rising in the independent world with a free voice rather than a sweet sou

Women play an important role. Important information from Women play an important role in shaping public opinion.

I used to have legs. In addition to these leaflets and magazine pools, women are also secretly distributed in the city and at stops. The various letters of the intellectuals who participated in the liberation war from the intellectuals who participated in the liberation war from one place to another.

Besides, women have also played a vital role in secret distribution in cities and villages. Many women sex workers used to collect information from the cooks and Pakiguni Army about the people of life and provide it to the freedom fighters. Mana Nari: Women during the Liberation War to form an anmat in favor of Mushidh inside and outside the country. In this role. Domestic and foreign women's organizations organized various meetings and organized public opinion by presenting the image of the building of Bangladesh Pakistani forces. Mrs. Narjahan Mosher's name is Mala, Pili, Lako tour

He exchanged views with the members of Palam in those places and informed them about the attack of Pakistani Lahini in Bangladesh. Besides Begum Badrunnesa Ahmed (MNA) Mrs. Rania Akhtar Ali (MNA),

Ethical leader Mrs. Matia Chowdhury, then general secretary of Mahila Parishad Maleka Begum, Ayesha name Mushtari Shafi (Chittagong), Shirin Banu Mitil (Pabna), Deepali Chakraborty (Sunamganj), Rekha Saha (Netrokona). Prominent women participated in the liberation movement. Inspiration Women: In the liberation war of 1971, the inspiration of women was the great strength of freedom-loving people and freedom fighters. Many mothers have voluntarily sent their sons to the war of liberation to make the country independent. Martyr-mother Jahanara is one of the Imams. Example According to Jahanara Imam, many mothers of Bengal have voluntarily sent their son to the war of liberation. Inspiration.

The Resurrection of the Himalayas and Mudarians

The Incidents of the Indus Expedition Hajjaj bin Yusuf

  Provided to make the motherland independent

 Women in Cultural Activities: In order to motivate all freedom-loving people and freedom fighters in the war of liberation, the media, magazines and cultural activities play an important role in awakening them to the hope of victory. Women cultural activists used to inspire the freedom fighters through dramas, patriotic songs, stories etc. Among these cultural activists are news reader Parveen Hassan, Jarin Ahmed, playwrights Sumita Devi, Madhuri Chattopadhyay, Laila Hasan, Karuna Roy, musicians Sanjida Khatun, Kalyani Ghaesh, Shefali Ghaesh, Namita Ghaesh, Jhumu Khan, Kathika Pathivi Begum Rahman, Dr. Nurunnahar Zahur is one of them. The role of artists-literary-intellectuals. The Role of Artists-Litterateurs, Intelligent The role of the artist-literary-intellectual community in the war of liberation was lauded. Some of the artists-literary-intellectuals directly took part in the liberation war. Most of those who worked for the liberation war even after being employed in the service of the then republic indirectly worked for the liberation war. The artists were inspired by their patriotic songs. Literary intellectuals, through their scathing writings, arranged for the publication of various newspapers and magazines protesting against the indiscriminate genocide of the Pak army all over the country, including Dhaka. In the papers

Writing, reading of news on Swadhin Bangla Betar Kendra, patriotic songs, songs based on liberation war, poetry readings, dramas, stories, MR Akhtar Mukul's very popular extremes 'program and executioner's court' etc. helped to advance the liberation war. When these activities of artists-literary-intellectuals increase the morale of the freedom fighters. At that time, the artist-literary-intellectual community fell into the trap of the Pak army. Composer Altaf Mohammad, journalist Sirajuddin Hassan, journalist Selina Parveen, doctor Dr. Fazle Rabbi, A University teacher Gias Uddin Ahmed, Prof. Gavinda Chandra Dev, Prof. Munir Chowdhury, Prof.

Tamay Guhathakurta has killed innumerable geniuses including Professor Rashidul Hasan. In exchange for their blood. An independent map of the mind, the red-green flag has been acquired.

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The  Loving the country and preparing to sacrifice for it has awakened the masses

The  Loving the country and preparing to sacrifice for it has awakened the masses

The  Loving the country and preparing to sacrifice for it has awakened the masses

The movement intensified and the mass uprising was crushed. In 2016, the Government of Bangladesh awarded the posthumous Independence Award to Shahil Tur Rahman. Motiur's autobiography 'Kisher Shaheed Matiur Rahman' was compiled by Akhtar Hussain and published by Bangla Academy. Dr. Shahid. Shamsuzzoha: Dr. Shamsuzzoha was the Proctor of Rajshahi University in 1969. He was born in Bankura district of West Bengal and was born on May 1, 1934. In his student life he entered from Bankura District School in 1948 and passed ISC from Bankura Christian College in 1950. He then obtained his Bachelor's (Honors) degree in Chemistry from Dhaka University in 1953 and his post-graduate degree in 1954. While a student he participated in the 1952 language movement. After completing his student life, he joined Rajshahi University in 1981. He contributed as a lecturer in the Department of Chemistry. He was promoted to reader in the same year. In 1986, he became the proctor of the university. In the mass uprising of seventy-nine. He inspires the students by participating.

As a result, on February 18, 1969, the Pakistani army said. Shamsuzzoha was killed by a bayonet charge. 

If the situation in the country deteriorates. Dr. In a hall of Rajshahi University named Shamsuzzohar

Is named.

Arab Administrator Treasurer and Minister of Defense of the Umayyad Caliphate

Administrative System of Muawiyah

             Martyr Sergeant Zahurul Haque

This member of the Air Force passed 1st Easter from 1935 Noakhali District School.

Jant Zahurul Haque: Sergeant Zahurul Haque was a young officer of Pakistan Air Force. This member of Pakistan was born on 9th February 1935 in Nayakhali district. He passed matriculation from Jala School in 1953. From the Business Education Branch of Jagannath College in 1956

11 Points of Student Action Committee

In the Student Struggle Council

The background of the 11-point movement is the middle of the language movement after the creation of the state of Pakistan

Later in 1972 AD

The student society of this country has been playing an important role in politics since the creation of the new state. The role of the student movement in this country started with the language movement of 1952 which was highly commendable. According to him, their role in the movement against the Vegetable Education Commission in 1972 was very active. From December 1966 to February 1969, it was rare for Pati Gula to form such a coherent and successful movement that they made the historic 11-point demand. The anger of the Bengali nation of the last period was due to the formation of the movement based on Chas 1, the rights of the police station, neglect and exploitation.

It is rare in history

Torture worked. Education Commission: When the report of the Allied Education Commission was published in the early 1970s, there was an uproar in East Pakistan, but the movement could not gain momentum due to the martial law. When the martial law was repealed in 1972, the student movement against the Sharif Education Commission became widespread. The Sharif Education Commission, which was formed in 62 AD, looked down on Bengali education. Six-point movement: After Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman made a six-point demand in February 1966, he was arrested on May 7, 1966 on charges of sedition under the National Defense Act. Then on 7th June 1986 Awami League and Chhatra League called a strike all over the country. The protesters called for a strike on June 7 and were brutally tortured by the Pakistani government. About 10 people were killed on this day. A few days later, about 9330 Awami League workers were arrested. Ittefaq editor Taifazzal Hassan Manik Mia was arrested on June 15 and Ittefaq was banned on June 16. Moreover, in August 1986, Rabindra Sangeet was banned. These incidents played a significant role in the student movement against the government of Pakistan. Agartala Conspiracy Case: After the arrest of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, he was released on January 16, 1986, but a Agartala Conspiracy Case was filed against him on the same day. He was re-arrested for the case. About 35 people including Bangabandhu were made accused in this case. Almost all of them were Bengali military officers. In this way, the ruling party of Pakistan arrested all the influential people of East Pakistan and made the Bengalis very weak.

Most of conquest of Spain by the Arabs was a very significant event

Military Campaign, Governance, Character and Achievement (61-70 AD)

The movement was coming to a complete standstill

The  Loving the country and preparing to sacrifice for it has awakened the masses

when innumerable leaders and activists were being detained in the country. In this situation, the students of this country started thinking that there could be no alternative to student movement to save the country from this nagging situation. The two ashes of the student league and the two parts of the student union (Matia and Menon) came together on the initiative of Daksur. That means 5 mats including daksusa. 5th January 1989 (Professor Majammel Haque says 4th January) Daksu Office 'All Party

I formed the Council '(SAC). Led by Taifail Ahmed, Kamran Nazim Chowdhury and many more. Lane. Here the student leaders signed programs on 11 topics. The 11-point demands are as follows ‘) The policy of provincialization of self-reliant colleges should be withdrawn, (b) Jagannath College

To be restored, (c) massive expansion of education, (d) night classes in government colleges,

1. (A) Atmani

Carey Government T: February 21, 1979, with the coup d'etat forever.

2. February 21st

Destruction of Han: In the face of mass uprising, Pakistan's military-civilian bureaucracy was destroyed. Declaration: In the face of the movement, the Pakistani ruling class was weakened and elections were held in 1970.

The English set up a trading post at Surat

The Adopting next year's program for political progress

Curry is scheduled as a holiday. The destruction of the bureaucracy

the masses. Election announcement: In the movement

Is forced to declare. Victory in Ubachan: The next big success here was the great victory of Awami League in the election of '70. Inspired by this movement, the people of East Pakistan gave their verdict to the Awami League.

Withdrawal of the fair: The direct root of this standard was the withdrawal of the Agartala case and the unconditional release of all Rajbashis including Bangabandhu, which had a profound effect on subsequent politics. Fall of Ayub Khan: This uprising marked the end of 10 years of rule of Field Marshal Ayub Khan, the Iron Man of Asia. | Inspiration in the freedom struggle: The mass uprising of the seventies as an inspiration in the great freedom struggle of '71

Worked. The success of this movement has played a role in the freedom movement. In the end, it is clear that the Pakistani ruling class failed to quell the mass uprising in the Sadar despite extreme oppression, torture, conspiracy and intrigue. That is why the place considered as seventy-nine is a disturbing event in the history of Bangladesh.

. Explanation of Key Words 3 Tamdun Majlis: The first organization of the Tamdun Majlis language movement. Tamdun Majlis was formed on September 2, 1948 under the leadership of Professor Abul Kashem, Department of Physics, Dhaka University. At the initiative of this organization, the first booklet of the language movement was published on 15th September 1948, 'Bangla, the state language of Pakistan, not Urdu'. The strike is called a strike by the parties in order to get their demands met. During the strike, the strikers refrain from action and urge others to abstain as well. The convocation refers to the official farewell reception given at the end of the university life. Workers.

* Nezam-e-Islami and the Democratic Party. In the 1954 elections, United Front won 223 out of 238 seats.

* Bureaucrats: Bureaucrats * High-ranking government officials are more underdeveloped and underdeveloped

All-party state language struggle. Is 31st of 1952 AD

Titva did.

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The Bengalis were instrumental in establishing the state of Pakistan

The Bengalis were instrumental in establishing the state of Pakistan

The Bengalis were instrumental in establishing the state of Pakistan

The people of the two regions of Pakistan will have their fair share of rights. , Followed by discriminatory policies towards East Pakistan in all spheres including military, economic and education. As a result, East Pakistan retreated rapidly. This disparity created a huge gap between West Pakistan and East Pakistan, which is discussed below.

The United Front undertook a comprehensive election program consisting of 21 points which was aimed at the voters at all levels. Is able to suffer. On the other hand, the ruling party, the Muslim League, did not have a specific and pro-people corner program. At the beginning of the United Front's 21-point program in the Salim League's communal campaign Macabella, the Koran and Suri.

No declaration will be made against the leak policy. Such a declaration is strategically important. Lee. On the other hand, the non-communal character of the United Front was not disturbed in the slightest by this. . Problems of Participation of Bengali Political Elites: Establishment of Western Ruling Pakistan after Partition. Bengali political elites, who play an important role, are far from power with the help of various sub-strategies. Puts away. He has not held provincial council elections for a long time and has 34 vacant seats.

The English set up a trading post at Surat

The Fort William Doug is located in Kolkata


                Without holding by-elections

 they are deprived of all opportunities to participate in politics. . The internal conflict of the Muslim League. The ruling Muslim League was not only weak in many respects

In the run-up to the election, factional squabbles between the league leaders intensified. Which would take a Muslim.

Accelerates the path to defeat in the election. . The united position of the united front. All the important political parties and elites in East Bengal at that time.

He was able to form a united front against the ruling party and take a united political position, which proved to be a very effective strategy for winning the elections. . Dreams of Bengalis around Pakistan: Dreams of Bengalis around the creation of Pakistan were their socio-economic

Cultural and political conditions will improve. But with the establishment of the new state, their dream was shattered. As a result of the new form of rule and discrimination by the West Pakistani ruling class over East Bengal, it was quickly realized among the Bengalis that they were freed from the shackles of slavery and enslaved to another.

Done. The election of '54 was a ballot protest of the Bengalis against this situation. | 9. The Rise of Bengali Nationalist Consciousness: The 1952 Language Movement

Lets face to face. The continued repression of the Muslim League united the Bengalis and gave rise to a new nationalist consciousness among them. As a result, the Bengalis belonged to the Muslim League in the 1954 United Front elections

Takes extreme revenge against. | Representation of East Bengal in Pakistan Constituent Assembly

East Bengal Representation in Pakistan Legislative Assembly The first Pakistan Constituent Assembly was formally convened in Rachhi in August 1947 under the Indian Independence Act, 1947. 

The features of the Umayyad Empire

The gradual decline of the Abbasid Caliphate

The council has two main responsibilities

The Bengalis were instrumental in establishing the state of Pakistan

To formulate a new constitution for Pakistan and  2. Until the new constitution is enacted and implemented, the Federal Legislative Assembly of Pakistan To conduct work as Assembly. The number of members of this Constituent Assembly was 69. Later 10 members from native states and tribal areas

As it was included, the membership of the Constituent Assembly stood at 69. The number of delegates from East Bengal was 44. 1948 | The first session was held in Karachi on 10th August, and Yagendra Nath Mandal was elected as the President.

On 11 August 1947, Muhammad Ali Jinnah was unanimously elected the Permanent President of the Pakistan Constituent Assembly. Until the constitution is written, the Constituent Assembly will also act as the central legislature.

The decision is. This Constituent Assembly has not been able to make much progress in drafting the constitution. Of

Constitution of 10 (Constitution or 10s)

| The first Constituent Assembly could not formulate a constitution. In the long 8 years, the Constituent Assembly has been in the ideal proposal

Pakistan's first ganap was limited.


After the election of AD, progress was made in drafting the constitution. In 1953, Muhammad Ali Khan became the Prime Minister and played a role in drafting the constitution. He devised a formula based on equality between the two provinces, known as the Muhammad Ali Formula.

How was born in Babla village of Tapur police station

Khilafah Sampras in the history of Islam

The formula ended on October 24 when Governor General Golam Mahen declared 

 state of emergency. The Governor General constituted the second Constituent Assembly on 26 May 1955. The first session of the second Constituent Assembly of Pakistan was held on July 7, 1955. In this session. A document was signed for the purpose of drafting the constitution of Pakistan. Constituent Assemblies of East and West Pakistan. The MoU was signed after extensive discussions among the members. This conciliatory document is the Marie Agreement. Or known as the 'parity formula'. According to the Marri Treaty, West Pakistan was formed on 30 September 1955 by uniting all the provinces and native states of West Pakistan. January 9, 1956. Pakistan's Law Minister I, I, Chulligarh raised the Pakistan Constitution Bill in the second Constituent Assembly. The bill. After extensive discussions and some amendments, the Constituent Assembly was finally convened on February 29, 1956.

Accepted by. On March 2, 1956, Governor General of Pakistan Iskander Mirza signed the bill passed by the Constituent Assembly. The Constitution came into force on March 23, 1956 as the first constitution of Pakistan. Causes of the Failure of the Constitution of 1956 Causes of Failure of the 1956 Constitution The 1956 Constitution was valid for only 2 years 6 months and 15 days. The 1956 constitution failed for various reasons. At that time there were no well-organized political parties in the corner. Besides, the Prime Minister used to interfere in the affairs of the ministers unnecessarily. The constitution of Pakistan in 1956 failed due to reluctance of general elections, bureaucracy and conspiracy of the army. As a result, on October 7, 1958, President Iskander Mirza imposed martial law on Pakistan with the help of the then Army Chief General Ayub Khan. 26th of the same year. In October, General Ayub Khan removed Iskander Mirza and declared himself President of Pakistan. The military rule of Ayub Khan began, which lasted till June 1972. At that time the 1956 constitution was repealed and the central and provincial legislatures were dissolved. Besides, the activities of political parties were declared closed.

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