The clergy and rulers of Gothic Spain were Christians

The clergy and rulers of Gothic Spain were Christians

The clergy and rulers of Gothic Spain were Christians

They make Christianity one of the state religions. They considered it an act of religion to uproot other religions in the service of religion. The situation in Judea was extremely deplorable under the Gothic king. They could not marry each other. They were forced to marry Christian slaves. Unable to bear this unspeakable torture, once they rebelled, they were massacred, enslaved, and converted. Prof. S. M. Imamuddin said, "Between 612 AD and 620 AD, 90,000 Jews were forcibly converted to Christianity." Causes of the Invasion of Spain In order to free themselves from the clutches of the misrule and persecution of the Gothic King Roderick of Spain, the miserable citizens, the unfortunate slaves, the miserable landlords, and the oppressed and persecuted Jews were all on the lookout for liberation. They inspired Musa bin Nusayr to conquer Spain in many ways. So the imperialist Umayyad ruler Musa Spain. He took the opportunity to occupy.

Military Campaign, Governance, Character and Achievement (61-70 AD)

Most of conquest of Spain by the Arabs was a very significant event

At that time Count Julian was the ruler of the island of Ceuta and Algiers near Africa 

He was Son-in-law of the deposed Witzer of Spon. Roderick's relationship with her was not good. Because Roderick is from Spain. The next king seized power by assassinating Vitiza. It is said that according to the custom of the age, Count Julian

Sent Florida, the beautiful daughter of The naughty Boderick treats Florida badly. As a result, Count Julian killed his father-in-law and insulted his daughter. He called on Musa to attack Spain in retaliation.

Events of the Conquest of Spain At the invitation of the Spaniards and Julian, the African ruler Musa bin Nusayr, with the permission of Caliph Al-Walid, set out on a four-legged battalion with 400 troops and 100 horses in 710 AD to find out the real situation in Spain. Upon hearing the news of the victory of the Observatory, 

Musa sent General Tariq bin Ziad to Spain in 611 AD with some 6,000 troops and warships

The clergy and rulers of Gothic Spain were Christians

including some zealous Berber troops. Tariq bin Ziad made his first landing in a mountainous region in southeastern Spain. The mountain is named after him Jabalul Tariq 'or the hill of Tariq (modern Gibraltar). Using it as a base for battle, Roderick's ruler, Theodomir, launched his first attack on the province of Algiers and defeated it, advancing on the capital, Toleda. Then King Roderick suppressed a revolt in northern Spain. Was active. King Roderick returned to the capital on hearing of the Muslim invasion, and the feudal lords. In 611 AD, with a total of 120,000 troops, including his own troops, he marched against the Muslim forces at a place called Medinasidenia on the banks of the river Gaydilet. Meanwhile, with the help of 5,000 troops, the number of Muslim troops rose to 12,000. In the battle, King Roderick was defeated and escaped, drowning in the river Gaydilet. As a result of this victory, Sidenia, Carmena and Isiza surrendered to Tariq. Defeated in this battle, the Spaniards became weak and lost the courage to join the war with the Muslims. Tariq then divided his army into four divisions, directing the first party to Cordoba, the second to Malaga, and the third to Granada and Elvira. Muslim domination was established in Malaga and Cordoba, Granada, Toleda, etc. Musa later became jealous and arrived in Spain in June 612 with a large force of 16,000 troops, and Tariq and Musa met at Taravera, near Toleda. Later. Their combined forces conquered the provinces of Saracea, Aragon, Barcelona, ​​Lyon, Galicia, Catalonia, Malamanca, one by one. In 614 AD, the Muslims conquered Portugal and renamed it Al-Garb (West).

Surendranath Bandopadhyay and many others along with Indian Association and India League Established

The Adopting next year's program for political progress

When Musa set out to conquer France

Al-Walid summoned him to the capital. But before leaving Spain, Musa appointed his son Abdul Aziz governor of the new province. Seville is made the capital of Spain. P. K. Hitti 766151, "The raid developed into a conquest of the Iberian Peninsula (al-Andalus). held by them. "greits etc In the end it is possible to conquer the Iberian Peninsula. The Arab world is over and a huge campaign is underway. It is. As a result, Muslim rule was established in the largest continent of Europe; Which has never been before.

Propaganda: Rise of the Fatimids in North Africa

Fatimids Prop The identity of the Fatimids is known as Fatimid in the history of Hazrat Muhammad. They are caliphate.

Descendants of Hazrat Ali (ra)

son-in-law of Sat Muhammad (sa) and Hazrat Khatima (ra), daughter. They do not consider the first three caliphs of the caliphate to be legitimate in their support of Hazrat Ali (ra), a group of Muslims after the demise of Pachat Mahanab (sa). They are known in history as the 'Alabi or Shia community. Later they split into different parts. One of them is the son of Hazrat Ali (ra). Accepts Al-Hanafiya as Imam. They are the ones who mobilized the Abbasi movement. With this the Abbasid Caliphate was established. Hazrat Ali (ra) was the first, Imam Hasan (ra) and Husain (ra) - the second and third, Imam Husain (ra) 's son Zainul Abidin (ra) the fourth Imam and Zainul Abidin. Acknowledges Muhammad al-Bakr, son of B, as the fifth Imam. Similarly, they regard Zafar al-Sadiq, the son of Muhammad al-Zakir, as the sixth Imam. 

believer in the seven Imams. There is no difference of opinion among them till Imam Zafar As-Sadiq. Jafar As-Sadiq was his son before his death. Ishmael was nominated by the Imam. But if Ismail dies before the death of Zafar As-Sadiq, then Zafar is his other. His son Musa al-Qazim was appointed Imam. In this sequence, one group believes in the Barajan Imam, but the Ismailis reject Musa al-Qazim and accept Ismail's son Muhammad al-Maktum (Gupta or Bateni) as Imam. According to them, the Zahiri Imamate has ended since Ishmael and Muhammad al-Maktum. Bateni Imamate has started from. They are also called Sabaiya because they believe in seven Imams. They were influenced by the philosophy of the Persian philosopher Muni. They answered in 909 AD under the leadership of Obaidullah Al-Mahdi. Founded the Fatimid dynasty in Africa. However, there is disagreement among historians as to whether they are descendants of Bibi Fatima (RA). Ibn Khaldun, Ibn Asir, Makriji, Abul Fida, p. K. According to Hitti and H. Memer, Obaidullah al-Mahdi is of Fatemi descent. Al-Suyuti, Ibn Tagribardi, Ibn Izhari, on the other hand. Ibn Khalliqan and others call Obaidullah al-Mahdi the son of a Jew. They were influenced by the Abbasids. In fact, he (Obaidullah al-Mahdi) was of Fatimid descent. Below is a list of Shia Imams

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