The Defense revision of Pa Laha's proposal

The Defense revision of Pa Laha's proposal

The Defense revision of Pa Laha's proposal

The constitution should be enacted to protect the rights and interests of the minorities in consultation with them.

The powers of foreign affairs, foreign affairs, etc. will be vested in the respective states. = Proposal Amendment: The word Pakistan was nowhere in the Laha proposal. Hindu Patrika, Congress ake 'Pakistan.

Jail harshly criticizes. In fact, it did not say what Laha's proposal meant. In fact, the use of the term 'independent states' has obscured it. As a result, on April 9, 1948 in Delhi.

At the conference of the members of the Ahna Sabha in the party of the Muslim League, the word States was modified by omitting the letter S. is srated. Jinnah accepted it as a Pakistan proposal. Response to the Laha proposal: The reaction to the Laha proposal was intense among Hindu and Congress leaders. Mahatma Gandhi. He termed the partition of India as a 'sinful act'. Pandit Nehru condemned this proposal and said that Muslims are independent. He termed the formation of habitat as absurd. The Muslims of Bengal welcomed it. The English government tactically. It did not contradict or criticize.

The result of Laha's proposal. The result of this proposal was far-reaching 1. Creating new trends; The Laha proposal created a new trend in the Indian political and constitutional movement

Is. As a result, Muslims are inspired by a distinct ethnicity. 2. Loss of communal harmony: After this proposal, mistrust and suspicion arose between Hindus and Muslims. In different places.

The riot broke out and at one point it turned violent. 

  The importance of Laha's proposal

The pro-Congress Hindu community in Hasitha moved against the Laha proposal and moved for a united India.

Becomes ne. Needless to say, Laha's proposal is a definite political move for the Muslim League.

However, both communities are not their own Become a movement of formation

A movement was formed for the purpose of protection

Character and Achievement As a determined and just ruler

                         The Lahore Rese

From the stateless Muslims jumped into the struggle for the expulsion of the English. The Muslims lagged behind the Hindus for a number of reasons, including the permanent settlement and the introduction of English education. As a result, they became angry with the British and started building a separate state for the Muslims. Image: Sher-e-Bangla A. K.

Inspires. They are interested in learning English, which in turn makes them different

Creates. 3. The Long Agreement and the Fourteen Clauses of Jinnah: The Lakshau Treaty of 1918 and The Fourteen Clauses of Jinnah of 1929

denies the interests of Muslims and recommends

Later in the session, the poet Muhammad Iqbal said, "I would be happy to have a Muslim state in Punjab, North-West Frontier Province, C and Balochistan." So he and his classmates named Iqbal's dream state 'TPAKISTAN' (Pakistan). Pakista. The conch has been selected

Of 1. Aftenaria (6) 'Kali' of A. Kali in the State of the West-West Frontier Province. The Persian word means land, meaning holy land. The Pakistan National Movement was founded in Cambridge in 1932. On January 24, 1933.

Brings direction. This movement spread very fast. It took 1947 to overcome many obstacles. According to the proposal, two states named India and Pakistan were created. According to Laha's proposal, if India is divided, it will be Eastern. (Present Bangladesh) At that time an independent state was supposed to be established, but in reality it did not happen. As a result, the people of East Bengal demanded full autonomy from the very beginning of the creation of the state of Pakistan and later Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib. Independent Bangladesh emerged through a bloody war under the leadership of Rahman. 1. Creation of biracialism. Laha's proposal is based on two-nation theory.

In essence, Indian Muslims are just one community like any other community in India.

No, they are a distinct race. 2. Creation of Pakistan and India. On the basis of Laha's proposal, India was divided into Pakistan and India Independence Act

Through it two independent states named 'India' and 'Pakistan' were born. 3. Destruction of communal unity; Laha's proposal destroys Hindu-Muslim relations. The Indian Congress is against the proposal

Takes position. Jawaharlal Nehru considered this proposal politically unstable. 4. The rise of nationalism. The Indian Muslim community was united by the Laha proposal. Muslim

Nationalism developed on the basis of religion within the community. 

The Military rule of 1956

The Meanwhile a confrontation between Mukhtar

                 The Rise of Bangladesh

The Defense revision of Pa Laha's proposal

In spite of the mention, in a session of the Muslim League, Muslims amended the proposal of Laha in 1948. It was proposed to establish an independent state with a majority territory. 

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