The Enemies surrounded the former and moved immediately

The Enemies surrounded the former and moved immediately

The Enemies surrounded the former and moved immediately

He walked in two steps with a different mind; . After going some distance, Hesen drank the air two or three times and fell down to the ground. He became impatient with the burning of poisoned arrow wounds, the burning of thirst, green fever, and other sorrows. Zeyad and Omar etc. thought that Hassan had died. A few moments later, after seeing the movement of hands, he surely did not think of Hassan's death. Knowing that death was near, he stood steadily at a distance. Hussain is alive. No strength to get up. He only knows what other minds were overwhelmed with thoughts. Seeing Seemar with a dagger in his chest, he started saying, "You are a creature created by God - you sit on my chest?" “Limit! I will die now! I am unsettled by the poisoned arrow. Get off your chest and let me breathe. delay a little Why bother me for a little delay? Cut off my head when my life is gone. Take a breath! Today must be my death. for a while h0 piece * wait.” Seemar said with a loud voice, “I am sitting on his chest, I will not get up without cutting off his head. If there is anything else, say it. I will not sit a little off the chest." Hasen said, "Limit! If so, cut off the head soon! What do you gain by suffering me in vain? Do the work of a friend.” 24. . “I'm trying my best. What else will I do if not cut by the dagger.” Hasen said, “Limits. See your chest open?" "Why?" "There's a reason. I can tell if you're my kateel (hand) by looking at your bosom." "What does it mean? "There is meaning. If there is no money, why should I request you in vain? 

The heart of the city is with them but its words against

The reason for the imposition of military rule

Top popular Raemans entered the Islamic State

Even though the body is made of blood and flesh

The chest is bare, you will surely die. Maternal. Inviolable. Take off her clothes. - I see, If it is not, then you are trying in vain. Why? He exposed Seemar's body and showed it to Hasen. He also saw it. Hesen looked at Seemar's chest and covered his eyes with both hands. Hesen was very irritated by the friction of the dagger again and again. He started to say to Seemar again, " One more thing occurred to me. I understand that the dagger has returned, your efforts are in vain, Seemar! A lot of affection during maternal grandfather's life. He kissed my neck. "No, that will never happen." Nothing like that will work. Look, I'm having a hard time breathing. If you finish your work as soon as possible, you will also benefit, and I will also avoid suffering. You put that arrow-pointed dagger, you will see the results immediately.” "What will I gain if I listen to you?" "There will be a lot of profit! I make a solemn promise, I will definitely set you free in the Hereafter. Again, in the name of God, I make a solemn promise, if I cannot take you to heaven, I will not set foot at the door of heaven. What do you want more than this, brother?" Haasin's chest changed and Seemar sat on his back. Imam's two hands fell on both sides. - It took to show, "Let the world see, I walked in what condition! The son of Noorabi Muhammad, the son of Mahavir Ali of Madinah * - Let the world see how I leave this world with the sword of Simar empty-handed! Heaven, underworld, space, forest, ocean, mountain, wind, and it seemed to come from all four directions. Laugh! Hey Haasen!!” Author profile. 13th November 1847 AD at Lahinipara in Kushtia District for Mir Musharraf Hossain. Only his father. Ma'ajjem Hussain was the owner of a lot of wealth. Although Mir did not advance far in formal education. Musharraf Hussain spent most of his life working in Faridpur Nawab Estate and Delduar Estate. do After that he stayed for many days in Calcutta and later Padmadi. In the student life, the news shines His essays were published in newspapers. As the originator of the syncretic style of modern Bengali literature written by Muslims. He is famous. Among his notable works are plays. Vasantakumari', 'Zamidar Darpan'', 'Er Awaya Ki Gadya': 'Bishad-Sindhu', 'Niti Ki Avnati', 'Udasin Pathiker Maner Katha', 'Gazi Mier Bastani', 'Fas Kagoshi' etc. 'Vishad-Sindhu' is his wonderful creation based on the sad historical story of Maharram. This epic novel written by him is a unique asset of Bengali literature. Mir Musharraf Hussain died on 19 December 1911 AD. Ajid's soldiers were startled by hearing the footsteps of Mam Hassan's horse. Everyone's heart was broken. Everyone started to see that Hassan himself was coming to the battlefield. 

Character and Achievement As a determined and just ruler

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The Spread of Mass Upsurging Spread of Mass Upsurging

                    In the blink of an eye

The Enemies surrounded the former and moved immediately

where are you you Why did you send innocent soldiers to the battlefield while staying in Damascus? If you find him today, you will feel pain The bereavement of grandson Kasem and the bereavement of his own sons, All are cold in their sin today I used to graze. Oh money-seeking ghouls, you have taken up arms against me by abandoning the fear of religion! And why the delay? Abdur Rahman, the greatest stubborn warrior; He is determined to fight with Hassan. I understand your words; If you are fit to bear my blows, I will strike back; Or go back like you, weak, weak, Bill will find the warrior and send him to the battlefield to fight with you. He is six times older than me, Barojo's friend. But for the sand. Like he has absorbed our entire family into his heart. He is not here. Not even a grain of juice. Because of this, I don't have to think about anything. If you are independent, remember this auspicious moment.' My relationship came from a very big house. But Mama, who is the chief agent of my destiny on earth, He had a particular opinion about marriage. Rich's daughter is not his choice. The girl in our house. Which will continue to be exploited. But when you come home, if you give tobacco in a tied hook instead of gurguri, the complaint will not go away.


             My friend Harish works in Kanpur 

He came to Calcutta on vacation and blew my mind.  As far as the eye can see, the holiday is smoking; No exam, no candidacy, no job; There is no thought, no education, no desire to see one's own affairs - even in being inside. Mother is there and uncle is outside. Amidst this desert of respite My heart then saw the worldly mirage Of woman's form—Her gaze in the sky, Her breath in the air, Tarummarre his secret. | At that time Harish came and said, "If the girl says, then-". My body and mind began to tremble in the spring wind like the new moon in the forest. 

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