The English set up a trading post at Surat

The English set up a trading post at Surat

The English set up a trading post at Surat

Set up a trading post. & 161 Khidbhavda; King Charles II of England as a dowry for the marriage of Catherine, the Portuguese princess.

The Portuguese occupied the city of Bombay. 184 AD: French East India Company is formed. And 17 AD: The French first set up a trading post at Surat. Day 0: An Englishman by the name of Job Charnock exchanged 1200 Dhaka for Calcutta, Sutanati and Gavindapar.

Since the creation of the state of Pakistan in 1947, the fate of the people of East Bengal has not changed. Bengalis have had to give blood to establish the Bengali language. They have been persecuted again and again. The case, the heroic Bengali had to cross the path of mass uprising of 1971.

The students were protesting against section 144

As Muawiyah has been presented in different ways by different historians

                          The Learning Outcome

Students at the end of the lesson Explain the causes and context of the language movement and the importance of developing the Bengali nationalist consciousness. Explain the reasons for the victory of the United Front and the defeat of the Muslim League in the 1954 elections. Law will be able to explain Pakistan's discriminatory attitude towards East Bengal. Be able to analyze the content of six historical points and its importance. Be able to describe the historic Agartala case. Law will be able to explain the context and results of the mass uprising of 1971. 9 Lesson Plan 3 Lesson-5.1: Language Movement: Emergence of Bengali Nationalist Consciousness. 3 Lesson-5.2: United Front election of 1954. 3 Lesson-5.3; Pakistan's discriminatory policy towards East Bengal. 3 Lesson-5.4: Historical six points and its importance. 3 Lesson-5.5: Historical Agartala case (198). 3 Lesson-5.6: Mass uprising of seventy nine.

                The Language Movement

 Rise of Bangali Nationalism Since the creation of Pakistan, the ruling party has been involved in a deep conspiracy to eradicate the Bengali language and culture. The mother tongue of the majority of the people of Pakistan expressed reluctance to accept Bengali as the state language of Pakistan. As a result, a movement was started demanding the establishment of Bangla as the state language. This movement came to an end in 1952 AD. Badruddin Umar said, “British India is divided into India and Pakistan in the Indian subcontinent. The language movement was the most widespread, intense and important political movement of the people of East Pakistan after the establishment of two separate and independent states. In fact, through this movement the consciousness of the separate existence of the people of East Bengal i.e. Bengali nationalism was revealed.

Background of the language movement

kground of Language Movement Before any creation, the debate on what will be the language of this state started. Muhammad Ali Jinnah in 1938

When the proposal to make Salim League the official language was made, the leader of Bengalis, Sher-e-Bangla A. K. Fazlul Haque opposed this. Chowdhury Khaliquzzaman on May 17, 1948 and July. Jigar University Vice-Chancellor.

 East Bengal linguist and Dhaka University Professor Dr. against this R. Muhammad Shahidullah, Dr. Several intellectuals, including Muhammad Enamul Huq, protested by writing articles. Kamruddin Ahmed in 1948. The Gana Azadi League formed under the leadership demanded 'teaching in mother tongue'. Dhaka on September 2 of that year. The 'Tamdun Majlis' was formed under the leadership of Professor Abul Kashem of the Physics Department of the University. That was it.

Character and Achievements of Omar bin Abdul Aziz Khalifa Omar bin Abdul

About Abd al-Malik reigned from 65 to 705 AD Life Story

The first organization of the language movement

The English set up a trading post at Surat

On the initiative of this organization, the first booklet of the language movement 'Bangla or Urdu, the state language of Pakistan' was published on 15th September 1948. The pamphlet presents arguments in favor of the demand for state language Bangla. Is done. The Rashtrabhasha Sangram Parishad was formed in October 1948 on the initiative of Tamdun Majlis with the aim of giving political shape to the language movement. Its convener was Professor Nurul Haque Bhuiyan of Dhaka University. An educational conference in Karachi in December 1948 adopted a proposal to make Urdu the state language of Pakistan. Students, teachers and intellectuals of East Bengal opposed this proposal. They demanded that Bengali be used as one of the state languages ​​of Pakistan and as a medium of instruction in East Pakistan. But the Pakistan Public Service Commission removed Bengali from their list of approved subjects and also abolished Bengali characters from coins and stamps. Union Education Minister Fazlur Rahman Malik is preparing to make Urdu the only state language of Pakistan. As a result, on December 6, 1948, the students staged a procession on the premises of Dhaka University and made a formal demand to make Bengali the state language. Dhirendranath Dutta, a member of the East Bengal Legislative Assembly in Language Movement, gave a lecture in Bengali to the members of the Pakistan Constituent Assembly in English and Urdu on 23 February 1948 and proposed a revision for the use of Bangla language in government work. He demanded that Bengali be given the status of state language as the language of the majority of the people. He also protested against not using Bangla language in government work. Although elected members of parliament from East Pakistan supported it, members of the Muslim League opposed it. Khwaja Nazimuddin opposed the proposal, saying, "Most of the people of East Bengal want Urdu to be the state language." The Prime Minister of Pakistan Liaquat Ali Khan termed the proposal of Dhirendranath Dutt as an attempt to create division in Pakistan. Referring to Urdu as the language of millions of Muslims, he said that only Urdu could be the state language of Pakistan. Eventually, after much debate, the amendment was rejected.

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