The news of the girl's father is more serious to him than the girl

The news of the girl's father is more serious to him than the girl

The news of the girl's father is more serious to him than the girl

After this, Shambunathbabu's behavior is also completely cold. That modesty is not a lot. Rabindranath Tagore, speechless, clothed in the waist, broken throat, bald, mixed-black Rabindranath Tagore was born on 7th May 1861 (25th Baisakh 1268) in Jorasankor Tagore of Calcutta. His father Devendranath Tagore, Mother Sarada Devi. Rabindranath Tha is the first successful short story writer of Bengali literature and the best artist of Bengali short story. 

Surendranath Bandopadhyay and many others along with Indian Association and India League Established

The Adopting next year's program for political progress

The English set up a trading post at Surat

The Fort William Doug is located in Kolkata

The short story originated, developed and flourished

His short stories are at par with the best short stories in world literature. From his debut as a short story writer by writing the story "Bhikharini" in 12 Bengal at the age of sixty-four years until almost the last day of his life, he has composed 95 short stories compiled into an integral 'Galpguchche'. Apart from this, more of his stories were collected in books 'Se', 'Galpsalp' and 'Lipika' and the last story written by Rabindranath Tagore is called “The Story of Muslimani”. Rabindranath's short story 'Sena Tari' was written while he was living in Shilaidah, Kushtia, on the basis of family zamindari supervision. He wrote the best poems of poetry at the same time. Placing life in nature's lyrical universal expression of life is the best asset of Rabindragalpa. However, in the stories written in the 20th century, reality prevailed over nature and poetry. As a storyteller, he is distinguished as a novelist, and his place in Bengali literature is definite. Among the novels written by him, Ekshin Bali', Gera', 'Chaturanga', 'Ghare-Bayre', 'Sherer Kavit Yogayog' are the best resources of Bengali novels. Rabindranath's excellence in drama writing is also undisputed. His most notable plays are: 'Raja', 'Achalayatan', 'Dakghar', 'Muktdhara', 'Raktkaravi'. Rabindranath Tagore passed away on 7th August 1941 (Shravan 22 A.D. 1348) at Jorasanko's Thakurbari. Today I am only twenty seven years old. This life is not great in length, No as a quality. Still it has a little b value. It is like the flower on whose breast the bud is sitting, and at that moment. 

The Resurrection of the Himalayas and Mudarians

The caliphs of Rashedin in Khulafa are Ganatani

The features of the Umayyad Empire

History has picked up like a fruit in the middle of his life

The news of the girl's father is more serious to him than the girl

That history is small in size, I will write it in short form. Those who make the mistake of saying little to children will understand its meaning. I missed all the exams in college. As a child, Panditmasha got an opportunity to mock me by comparing my beautiful appearance with a saffron flower and a ripe fruit. I was very ashamed of this; But as I get older, I think that if there is a rebirth, then the mockery in the face of my mush surup and scholars will appear like that again. . My father was once poor. He has earned a lot of money through advocacy. Let's share Not even a moment of time. The breath he exhaled in death was his first respite. I was young then. I am a man in the hands of my mother. Mother is a poor girl. So, we are rich at a. He doesn't think, he doesn't forget me. In the winter, I'm not fully matured, because I'm in my arms. Even today, if you see me, you will think that I am the younger brother of Gajanan in Annapurna's lap. Nanush gives Harapuri age. Mother speed did not happen. Even today, I was seen holding the rich uncle in my arms, he blessed my daughter with this earring. Mama's face turned red. Darid will want to cheat him but he will not cheat this pleasure-seeker n. Bankit was bent and some additional debt was added on top of it. With a heavy face, he said, "On. Go, you go to the meeting and bessa ge." Shanathbabu said, "No, now we don't have to sit in the meeting. Let's feed you first." uncle said “What is he talking about? Lagna... Shwanathbabu said, "Don't think about it - get up now." The person is mostly a good human type, but it is understood that there is quite a bit of strength inside. wake up uncle happened The bridegroom was also fed up. 

                 There was no pomp in the event

 But cooking is good and all. It was clean and everyone was satisfied. When the grooms finished eating, Shambhunath Babu asked me to eat. Uncle said, "What is he talking about?" in marriage How will the bridegroom eat before." Ignoring any of my uncle's comments about this, he looked at me and said, “You say. Is there anything wrong with sitting down?” I am eating. I couldn't Then Shambhunath Babu said to his uncle, "I have caused you a lot of trouble. We are not rich, we could not organize your yoga, sorry. it's night And I do not want to increase your suffering. But now." Uncle said, "So, let's go to the meeting, we are ready for it." Shambhunath said, "But let me tell you the car?" My uncle was surprised and said, "Are you joking?" Shambanath said, "You are the one who made the joke. I don't want to perpetuate the joking relationship." Mama's eyes widened and looked surprised. Shambanath said, "I cannot give my daughter to those who think that I will steal my daughter's jewels." He did not even bother to say a word to me

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