the second election under Ayub Khan in 1974 made Ayub Khan a scapegoat

the second election under Ayub Khan in 1974 made Ayub Khan a scapegoat

the second election under Ayub Khan in 1974 made Ayub Khan a scapegoat

During the Pak-India war in 1995, Bangabandhu started calling and propagating the indifference of Pakistan government towards East Pakistan. In 1966, Bangabandhu's Six Points gained immense popularity in East Pakistan and the autonomy of East Pakistan became a demand for the lives of the people. Meanwhile, due to the mountainous inequality in the military, some Bengali officers and army members secretly started organizing for armed revolution. But the matter was leaked to the Pakistani government's intelligence agency. The Pakistani government arrested one and a half thousand Bengalis all over Pakistan. For this, in January 1978, sedition case was filed against 35 people with Bangabandhu as the main accused. At that time Bangabandhu was in jail. There was a state prosecution against the accused, a secret meeting of Indian government officials was held in Agartala, the capital of the Indian state of Tripura, led by Bangabandhu. There was a plan to liberate East Pakistan through an armed movement with the help of India. The name of the case is Agartala case. The name of the case in the official document is 'Rashtra v. Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and others'. On May 9, 1986, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was released from prison and re-arrested under martial law and taken to Dhaka Cantonment. Accused in Agartala case

The According to the election results

The Defense revision of Pa Laha's proposal

were later released after agreeing to be witnesses

The accused were first arrested under the National Defense Act and released on January 16. He was later re-arrested under the Army, Navy and Air Force Act and transferred from Central Jail to Kurmitola Cantonment. The Agartala case was a vicious conspiracy of the Pakistani ruling class. The Agartala case was a series of conspiracies to suppress the Bengali people and leaders of the Pakistani ruling clique. When the Bengalis demanded the realization of their just rights by putting forward the six-point program under the leadership of Bangabandhu. That's when the Pakistani insidious ruling party filed the case. They made Agartala case in a vile conspiracy to alienate Awami League and Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. The Ayub government has brought charges against some patriotic political figures and military members of East Pakistan for conspiracy against the interests of the state of Pakistan. For this, in January 1976, Bangabandhu was made the main accused and a sedition case was filed against 35 people. The reason behind this was to suppress the patriotic person including Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman by identifying him as a traitor. The East hindered their patriotic activities

To maintain one's power by changing the political course of Tan. Due to the unity created among the people of East Pakistan under the leadership of Kur, the ruling party of Pakistan became concerned about their own existence and by filing this case they wanted to oust the patriotic Bengali personality including Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

The people's demand for breasts was independence and territorial autonomy. And it was led by Sheikh Mujibur. The movement filed a lawsuit calling him an enemy of Pakistan and a building of India.

Nar's blueprint is drawn by the insidious ruling party of Pakistan.

(E) 50 per cent student salary, (f) Polytechnic students' access to condensation courses, (g) Teaching through mother tongue (Bangla), (h) Providing 50 per cent of students' accommodation expenses as aid, (i) Teachers' freedom of speech and salary increase. , (J) introduction of unpaid and compulsory education up to 8th class, (k) establishment of medical university and repeal of Medical Council Ordinance, (l) students. Reduction in train-bus fares, (iii) provision of quality food in dormitories, (iii) repeal of University Ordinance and granting of full autonomy to universities, (o) National Education Commission and Hamidur Rahman

The Living according to tradition is the economy during the Sultanate period

The Ministerial Mission Plan calls for the formation of a three-tiered United States in India

Abolition of Education Commission

the second election under Ayub Khan in 1974 made Ayub Khan a scapegoat

creation of job opportunities and job security. 2. Direct election of adults and introduction of parliamentary democracy. 3. Provide full autonomy to East Pakistan on the basis of six points. 4. Autonomy and formation of a sub-federation for the small provinces of West Pakistan.

 Banking, insurance, jute business and nationalization of large scale industries. . Reducing the tax and rent rate of farmers and setting a minimum price of Rs. 40 for jute. . Provide workers with fair wages, benefits, education, medical care, housing and the right to strike and trade unions. . Flood control and efficient use of water resources in East Pakistan. 9. Repeal of Emergency Laws, Security Laws and other repressive laws. 10. SEATO, CENTRO and Pak-US military pact canceled and non-aligned neutral

Adopting foreign policy. 11. Release of all political prisoners including the accused arrested in Agartala case. Importance of 11 Points The importance of the 11-point program of the Student Struggle Council was immense in the politics of that time. 11 point movement. There was a student movement. In this, along with the demands of the students, the aspirations of the peasants, workers, teachers and people of all classes and professions of Bengal have become clear. So it took shape in the mass movement. When Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was arrested in the Agartala case, the entire population of East Pakistan belonged to the Pak government. Became resentful against. The 11 points of the conscious student society show the way for the agitated people to participate in the movement in a well-organized manner. An 11-point program has been raised for the protection of the overall interests of the common people of East Bengal and East Pakistan. This program inspires the political parties to work in unity in the political arena. 11 point based.

The Most Powerfull Sultan Mubarak Khan (1421-1434 AD)

The Partition of India 1947 Birth of the State of Pakistan

The Student Struggle Committee played an active role in the movement

 This committee was formed by merging the Tankalin Chhatra League, Chhatra Union and National Students Federation of East Pakistan. Autocratic Ayu in the face of extreme mass movement. The Khan government fell. Apart from the first phase of the 11-point program of the student society, the other 10 points were on political and economic issues. The first phase of the program was the infamous ‘Hamidur Rahman Education Commission Report’ and the repeal of the University Ordinance. Demand for autonomy in educational institutions; Which was appreciated by people of all walks of life in East Pakistan. Behind the mass uprising of 1969, the program adopted by the 11-point student society was political, social and economic. Plays a major role in the subject. At the same time, it paved the way for the liberation and freedom struggle of the people of Bengal.

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