The Spread of Mass Upsurging Spread of Mass Upsurging

The  Spread of Mass Upsurging Spread of Mass Upsurging

The  Spread of Mass Upsurging Spread of Mass Upsurging

The movement spread to West Pakistan as well. From January 4, the students started protesting against their 11-point demand. On this day the Democratic Struggle Council. The strike called by Vak) was observed by the people spontaneously. Despite the issuance of section 144, the movement could not be stopped. Then began the massive police torture. On the third day of the student protest, January 20, the police brutality against the students in Dhaka reached its climax. Students fired indiscriminately on a protest rally. Asaduzzaman, a student of Dhaka University, was martyred in the police firing. On January 21, many people took to the streets in Assad's blood-stained shirts. As a result, the mass uprising gained a new dimension. January 24 is called the day of mass uprising. On this day a nationwide strike was observed. Several people, including schoolboy Kishore Matiur, were martyred and many others were injured in the police firing. The angry mob then set fire to the buildings of the Pakistani government-run newspaper Daily Pakistan and the Morning News. The capital of East Bengal, Dhaka, went out of the control of the government. Sergeant Zahurul Haque, the accused in the Agartala case, was shot dead in Dhaka Cantonment on 15 February. On 16th February, without any reason, Pakistan Army Rajshahi University Professor. Kills Shamsuzzoha. As a result, the movement spread like wildfire. The people were waging such a fierce movement that they could not be suppressed even by massacre in the evening law and indiscriminately. Extreme anarchy and terrible situation was created in the country. Realizing the overall situation in the country, Ayub Khan convened a gala-table meeting with the leaders of the opposition. But when the leaders of the opposition, including Maulana Bhasani, rejected it, Ayub Khan realized

if the Agartala case is not withdrawn

 the movement will not stop. He said in a radio address on February 21 that he would no longer be a presidential candidate and would withdraw the Agartala case and release political prisoners. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and others were imprisoned on 22nd February.

Get rid of unconditionally.

At a public reception of Chhatra Sangram Parishad held at Racecourse Maidan (now Sehrawardy Udyan) on 23rd February, a meeting was held under the chairmanship of Taifail Ahmed, President of Chhatra Gram Parishad.

Is given. The movement succeeded in liberating Bangabandhu. On March 10, 1969, Ayub Khan convened a gala table meeting of political leaders in Malappavi. Here too Bangabandhu demanded autonomy

Does. When his demand was rejected, he boycotted the meeting and accelerated the movement. As a result. * On March 25, Field Marshal Ayub Khan handed over power to General Yahya Khan. This is how the mass uprising succeeded.

Character and Achievement As a determined and just ruler

Mention Not When Sultan Muhammad bin Fateh II captured Cantinepal

Identity of martyrs of Mass Upsurge 1969 Shahid Asaduzzaman: Full name is Amanullah Mahammad Asaduzzaman. But widely known as Assad. He was born on June 10, 1942 in Dhanua village of Shibpur upazila of Narsingdi district. He was martyred on January 20, 1989 in front of Dhaka Medical College. Shahid Asaduzzaman was a student of the history department of Dhaka University. The movement, which centered on student discontent in November 1986, was not confined to the student body but spread among urban and rural workers, peasants and the general public. Dhaka. Asaduzzaman, an MA final year student of the university, was inspired by the dynamics of the then politics and devoted himself to oil work by forming a peasant organization. In a short time Asaduzzaman was one of the farmers in Hatirdia of Narsingdi. Be able to build strong bases. In the month of November 1968 student dissent led by Maulana Bhasani. Turned into a mass movement. The National Awami Party, East Pakistan Sramik Federation and East Pakistan Krishak Samiti organized a public meeting at Paltan Maidan on December 6 to mark the 'Day Against Oppression'. After the rally, a large procession surrounded the Governor's House. The siege movement started on 29th December. At that time, when the farmers led by student leader Asaduzzaman surrounded the Narsingdi circle office, the police opened fire. On January 8, 1969, six political parties of Pakistan formed a forum called 'Ganatantrik Sangram Parishad' (Dak) and made a six point demand. Since then ‘post and student struggle. A massive mass movement was formed in East Pakistan on the joint initiative of the council. 16th. In January, the Student Struggle Council went on strike in protest of police brutality. During the strike, there were clashes between police and students. January 20th. Students strike in East Pakistan to protest torture During the strike, student leader Asaduzzaman was shot dead in front of Dhaka Medical College. Massive demonstrations were held on the 22nd, 23rd and 24th to protest Assad's assassination. During the strike across the country on the 24th, there was a huge influx of people from all walks of life. It is like a movement with the participation of people from all walks of life. Took the form of mass uprising. The people of Bengal have erected monuments in many places in honor of Shahid Asad who sacrificed his life in the mass uprising aimed at the fall of Ayub Khan and the liberation of Bangladesh. National Parliament. The Ayub Gate on the west side of the building was renamed Asad Gate. Shibpur and Dhanuar in Narsingdi. People started a college called Shibpur Shahid Asad College in 1960 and Shahid in Dhanua in 1991. Assad founded the Collegiate Girls School and College. The government of Bangladesh posthumously killed Assad in 2016. Freedom rewards. Shahid Matiur Rahman: His full name is Matiur Rahman Mallick. Born on 24th January 1953 in Dhaka. 1969 People from all walks of life participated in the mass uprising of AD. At that time Matiur Rahman was the new prince of Dhaka. Ninth grade student of the institute. On January 20, Matiur Rahman of Akutaevay Kisha took part in the movement in protest of Assad's assassination.

When Nasiruddin Muhammad died in 1394 AD, his son Humayun succeeded

the second election under Ayub Khan in 1974 made Ayub Khan a scapegoat

Many including Mukbul

The  Spread of Mass Upsurging Spread of Mass Upsurging

In the name of all levels during the strike on 24th January all over the country. The movement took the form of mass uprising. Matiur Rahman, Alamgir, Sthaya and a year-old student of Kishreni were shot dead by the police

Who and countless people were injured. The mob then set fire to the offices of Keka Daily Pakistan and Morning News. After the janaza of Motiur held at the forest ground, lakhs of people went to the ground of Are Iqbal Hall. Here Shahid Matiur's father Azhar Leek spoke with tears in his eyes. A note was found in Motiur's pocket after his sacrifice was in vain. It read,

Government newspaper Dai Dupur Paltan Maida

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Ali Mallick tears

Didn't go. After his death

O man, you have to leave the Maya of the world. today haek tomorrow haek will have to go one day. Fearless at

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